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Summer Internship Overview

Our 10-12-week internship program offers hands-on training for Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Baking and Pastry, and Culinary students. The Coral Bay Club will make every effort to accommodate any college or university’s requirements for school credit.
Hospitality interns will be introduced to the many aspects a private beach club has to
offer to best prepare you for your career path in club management. Interns will work in all areas of the club and mentored by each location’s management team. Knowledge and experience in F&B will be gained in areas such as member interaction, casual and upscale dining a la carte service, kitchen prep, buffet and banquet service, bartending (age 21), internal and external maintenance, housekeeping, pool and beach service, front office administrative work, membership, marketing and accounting.
Culinary interns will be immersed in the CBC’s professionally ran kitchens, rotated halfway through the season from a line cook to a banquet prep cook, with the ability to gain optimum training from our Sous Chefs and Executive Chef. Interns will experience a line cook position in the upscale dining and casual dining kitchen, buffet service, plated dining, Chef’s Table, live action cooking for the members and guests of private parties and weddings.
Baking and Pastry will be exposed to the main kitchen for the savory and sweet side of
what a private country club has to offer. You will start as a banquet prep cook and halfway through the season move over to pastry for one on one training with our Pastry Chef. The pastry department offers baked goods for casual and upscale dining a la carte service, sweet treats, buffet service, plated dining, live action cooking, and Chef’s Table.


Hospitality and Restaurant management intern uniforms and nametags will be provided as required by the various departments of the Club, including polo shirts and formal uniforms for the Clubhouse dining rooms. Interns should bring comfortable, tread safe black shoes, black socks, black pants, white long sleeve button down shirt, khaki shorts, and a few professional outfits.

Culinary and Pastry interns are required to wear black tread safe shoes, white shirt, black or white socks, chef pants approved by the Executive Chef, black chef coat, hat, and a knife kit/supplies with a permanent marker, pen, small notebook, and thermometer. School uniforms are accepted.

Compensation & Housing

This is a paid internship and all staff is paid on a weekly basis. Interns can anticipate 35-40 hours per week with overtime pay when applicable. The Club also allows and encourages volunteer hours for completion of school credit.

Housing is provided for $75 dollars a week with a $150 damage/loss prevention deposit that is refunded once the house is vacated and inspected. All housing costs are directly deducted from payroll each week.

Contact Information and How to Apply

The Coral Bay Club gladly hosts interns from late May to early September.
Applications can be downloaded from here and submitted by email.


Feel free to contact us anytime.
Hospitality Interns contact:
Courtney Seter
Clubhouse Manager 
(252) 726-5139 ext: 110
Culinary and Baking & Pastry Interns contact:
Geneveive Guthrie
Executive Chef
(252) 726-5139   ext: 105